All Power To The Positive – Pod Cast for Truth


All Power To The Positive – Pod Cast for Truth

Every week, Sensei Gregory C. Lewis and Jacob “The Jacobin” Brown bring the sound and the fury of the global grassroots; plus the hottest hits in hip hop from the underground, the mainstream, and everywhere in between! No pandering to the ‘left’ or the ‘right,’ just the actual facts from a ‘politically erect’perspective!

ensei Lewis is no stranger to radio. In 1996, he was host of “Copwatch 206” on local Seattle ‘pirate’ radio station F.U.C.C. Later the show moved to another pirate station, Free Radio Seattle, before both the show (and the station) ended in 1998.

After dedicating most of his time to fitness, martial arts, and activism, Lewis returned to radio with renewed passion, determination, and commitment to real freedom, justice, and equality for the whole human family of the planet Earth…in our lifetime!

Jacob “The Jacobin” Brown is a long time grassroots activist, political economist, and gardening expert.

 All Power To The Positive

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