John Boehner Infidelity with Lisbeth Lyon. Pence Not The Source. Who is?

boehnerscandal1.jpg When the John Boehner/Lisbeth Lyon AFFAIR story broke by Mike Stark, on his blog  last September, we raised an eyebrow but treated it like a fluff piece … It did get some hype on the net, but wasn’t worth a double take.

Lisbeth Lyons is Vice President of Government Affairs for the Printing Industries of America

Stark: “It was Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) who told abstinence education advocate Rep. Mark Souder (R-IN) that he had to resign from Congress after having an affair with a staffer. It was also Boehner that told members of his caucus that they had to stop using the “party house” to entertain young Republican female lobbyists.

While everyone knows that John Boehner enjoys the good life of luxury travel and golf junkets, many are convinced that he enjoys a mistress, too.

Fast forward  … Feb 3rd. The story now has some legs. Denial of source and larger readership legs.
The rumor of the affair itself is not at issue. The affair seems like a done deal. What fueled the fire was the claim that ex-hate talk radio – Tea Party leader – Rep. Mike Pence (IN) was the one who leaked the affair!

Tea Party v the GOP  … Let the dirt fly? Not so fast says Stark.

Alas, the Pence rumor was put to rest yesterday when Sam Seder interviewed Mike Stark. While Stark stands by the affair, he denies Tea Party House leader Mike Pence was his source. Stark also posted that Pence was not the source on his website. Mike says he does have a credible source, but will not reveal who it is AND will not reveal what, if  any, party leaked this.

Well, if ex-hate talk radio host and now Rep Mike Pence (IN-6), is not the source, who is? Stark won’t say

The National Enquirer picked Stark’s brain about the affair and now has a Valentine’s Day surprise for Speaker of the House John Boehner, but it’ll be hard to tell if it makes the Orange One blush—the mag details the “at least 2 women” with whom he’s said to have cheated. NE’s February issue hits the stands today.

One cannot dismiss the accurately reported John Edwards – Rielle Hunter affair exposed by the less than credible National Enquirer. When confronted Lisbeth Lyon said “no comment” and Boehner said nothing. Neither has denied the affair.

Look … This is definitely a planned hit on Boehner. The tension between the huber House Tea Party conservatives Jim DeMint, Pence, etc., and the GOP is a given considering who is, and who is not, attending CPAC this month.

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