Kucinich – Slams The Federal Reserve with H.R. 2990 (Video)

December 1, 2011

The Fed Grants $7.77 Trillion in Secret Bank Loan – Now Do You Understand Occupy Wall Street? – Dennis Kucinich

Introduced in September 2011, H.R. 2990, “The Need Act” – H.R 2990 – National Emergency Employment Defense Act of 2011 might see the light of day if Congressman Kucinich gets his way.

An advocate for reform of the Federal Reserve, Kucinich sharply criticizes the Federal Reserve after Bloomberg news reported that the Federal Reserve secretly committed nearly $8 trillion in support to American and international financial institutions during the 2008 bailout. Kucinich recorded a video for his website before going to the floor of the House of Representatives to call upon Congress to reclaim its Constitution primacy over monetary policy.

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  • Anonymous

    Interesting collection of liberal thoughts! But I do agree that the fed must go.

  • Anonymous

    But by all means, support Dennis’ bill for all the good things he proposes.

  • Anonymous

    Dennis’ HR 2990 does many wonderful things. But it does NOT end the Federal Reserve. It moves the Fed into the Treasury Dept. and makes it a govt. agency instead of a banker owned instittution mostly responsive to bankers. 

  • Anonymous

    Greenspan said it himself…they can do whatever they like, when they like and no one can touch them, and certainly no bought and paid for puppet president.

  • Anonymous

    If you read this bill is basically shuts down the Feds.

    • Anonymous

      That’s why it will not pass. The corrupt bankers and congress want the gravy train to run as long as possible and they won’t let a 

    • Anonymous

      Nope, it shifts the Fed to the Treasury

  • Anonymous

    Dennis rides the wild pony in order to make America better

    • Anonymous

      Too bad no one listens.

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