Representative Todd Akins (R-MO) – Buffoon (video)

March 19, 2011

There are idiots in Congress. Wait … for today, let’s narrow that down to the idiots in the House of Representatives. There are many idiots in the House of Representatives.
Yes, many Democrat idiots, but they pale in comparison to Republicans idiots in the House of Representatives. Between attacking womens rights, the war on the working class and defunding NPR, Republicans are buffoons.

Case in point ….

Congressman Todd Akins (R-MO 2nd District) member of the House Budget committee and chair of the House Arms Services committee, was recently on C-Span’s Washington Journal making an idiot out of himself.

Akins used fuzzy math analogies on how we need to get rid of all “entitlements,” Social Security, etc without speaking about raising taxes on billionaires, never commenting on how much money we take in.

Every single caller destroys this BUFFOON including one ex-Republican David (@ 39:21) who eviscerates him, .

Our involvement in the Middle East:
Akins: Revolutions are messy things

Susan: Your chart indicates we spendĀ 689 billion in Defense discretionary spending.
Does that fund the man power and machinery or the total cost of the war

Akins: I believe that includes the cost of the war.

I BELIEVE? It’s his chart, doesn’t he know? He’s the chairman of the House Arms Services Committee fer chrissakes.

Akins: We’re not spending enough on defense
Paper towels are dollar bills call entitlements.

689 billion in defense spending is not enough .. but we must cut funding to NPR!!


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  • FlamingLiberl

    Right. Akins was embarassed on national tv and it warmed my heart

  • sometimes right

    Akins is right if you listen to him

  • Alex

    @ Republicans forget white collar criminals and decided to make the working man the target of their war

  • Brandy

    He represents the direction of the Republican party. They have hooked up with this massive insanity called the tea party

  • mike

    Akins is an utter frigging moron. Another right wing neo con that wants to get rid of social security because it’s NOT privatized to wall street. The fool forgets that medicaid/medicare are BOTH not just gov’t run healthcare programs but paid in by the TAXPAYERS. Any program period that benefits the poor, middle class, the elderly, sick, poor, needy and children they ALL want to cut off including the unions but when it comes to war spending, that is OK. When it comes to bailing out wall street , that is OK but miraculously we have NO money for social security, medicaid, medicare, the EPA, CDC, FDA, NPR, public schools, healthcare, unions, ACORN,, basically we are BROKE when it comes to helping the poor/middle class/needy/the sick/children but we have somehow an UNLIMITED amount of funds when it comes to giving money to the billionaires in bailouts/tax breaks and for war spending including for halliburton/blackwater, FUCKING HYPOCRITES who want to destroy the united states from within just to keep funding war and yes i blame both the dem/repub parties for doing this.

  • Dave

    Too funny. They believe there own shit

  • Dave

    He’s a jerk and I wish I was the David the caller.

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