JD – Bullseye w Gregg Zollo

JD – Your Political Rock Goddess
Gregg Zollo

The Republican

Political Rock Goddess!

He’s Republican .. She’s Liberal .. Cross Fire!!

Progressive Liberals are far more flexible than any one ideology. We see the world for what it is, accept it as ever-changing and dynamic, and choose the best course of action. Progressives understand that government can be used as a force for good.  We don’t simply ask  “How can government help this situation,” but “with the tools we have, both public and private, how can we solve this problem?”

Republicans believe government should stay out of people’s lives as much as possible. People, and businesses, are quite capable of making decisions on their own without big government over regulating and over extending itself. We believe we have a bloated government that micromanages peoples lives and has become an exercise in futility. 

What say you ..?

Jay Eyewhyfr
Greg Zollo 

Greg – @gzollo
JD – @inyourfaceradio 



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