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I am a Liberal/Progressive political aggravist/humorist, musician,
song writer and commentator dedicated to removing Big Money from our government.

The Frank Factor began August 21, 2007 during the reign of the far right Corporacrats known as the Bush administration. I drew upon my experience as a television professional to create video commentaries aimed at giving voice to opinions and news that I felt were deliberately stifled in the corporate media and hopefully with passion and a little humor. I began as an equal opportunity offender and was later bamboozled into actually believing that a nation disengaged and bullied for so long by a criminal administration had actually found a Progressive voice in Barack Obama. That didn’t last long. It is clear now that this two-party system is a farce.

Elections aren’t going to change the path America is on. Organized revolt, massive civil action and economic boycotts at the very least would be the beginning a perpetual commitment to protecting public governance from private take over. Our system is a farce. Every candidate that can assume a position of any real power is vetted by corporate power. To believe otherwise is to be ignorant and live in a fantasy world. Americans that continue to invest in this fraud only empower it.

Our voices are muted by the fact that Progresivism promotes social and economic justice and these two points are anathema to predatory capitalism. I believe in and promote a mixed market economy, one in which private enterprise is encouraged and nurtured to promote innovation and progress but where American Citizens are seen as a family. We pitch in together toward Democratically defined goals and programs and protect our valuable resources both tangible and intangible.

If there is going to be any hope for a real change it will have to be found in more than showing up to vote. We have to prepare the ground for a new planting.

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The Frank

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