Was John Boehner Drunk? (video)

February 29, 2012

John Boehner was drunk! I swear on my kids. Watch the video a few times of the speaker attempting to blast Obama over gas prices and tell me the  Speaker of the House, John Boehner, wasn’t plastered.

47 seconds into it and he’s a slurring fool. And not just drunk, drunk to the point of falling over. Watch how he slurs words, thoughts not coherent. His demeanor is significantly sloppier than usual. Was that spit?  Realizing he was probably busted Bohener pretends he’s angry at Obama and stomps off.

I’d say this was typical behavior for the Speaker, it usually is, but I’ve seen him more put together.

“Now get out of here?” You tell us. Is he drunk?  I’ll bet my kids the Boehner was lushly intoxicated.



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  • wollelf

    Nothing new to report here. Or course he’s drunk

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